Train Faster. Train Bigger. Learn Better.

OneView’s technology harnesses the power and flexibility of gaming engines to create wholly virtual 3D models for the production of datasets ready for machine learning training.

Releasing The Imagery Analytics Bottleneck

Our technology initiates a chain reaction:

  • Immediate availability of datasets for an endless scope of environments and objects, and all types and models of sensors

  • Accelerated and cost-effective model training

  • Quick adoption to new objects and expansion to new environments

  • Discovery of any object, from common to rare, in remote sensing imagery

Our Build Process: Automated & Swift

Here’s how we create 3D models to produce virtual, synthetic images that replace real images.


Creation of the actual environment - urban, maritime, agricultural, etc. A randomization factor for size and relationship between elements is applied.


Placing objects-of-interest, already annotated, based on requirements. Adding annotated ‘distractors’ - similar to the object in size and shape - to enable differentiation and accelerate the training process.


Applying different materials and textures, with random erosions, blur and noise to achieve the prevailing characteristics of a real image.


Applying variations of weather conditions and time of day based on requirements.

Sensor Parameters

Adapting the dataset to a specific sensor by applying camera resolution, shooting angle and off-nadir angle. Can accommodate any photography system.

Annotation Specifications

Customizing and optimizing the annotations to accommodate information added in previous layers.

The World is Random

No two cities are alike, nor fields or airports. Each is different and unique in multiple aspects.

To produce virtual images that perfectly mimic the randomness of the real world, we apply Structured Randomization to every aspect of the creation process. Every variable is treated with a dedicated randomization factor – color, texture, size, location, light – to produce truly random-real results.

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