OneView Included in Forrester Report

We are incredibly honored to announce that OneView has been cited by Forrester Research, the most respected name in technology research reports, in “AI 2.0: Upgrade Your Enterprise With Five Next-Generation AI Advances”.

Artificial intelligence continues to evolve for those industries currently utilizing it. AI 2.0 is a movement to develop higher levels of sophistication in existing AI models, as well as to bring it to industries that are not yet deploying AI models.

We believe this recognition is further validation of the incredible power and possibility that the OneView platform provides for any industry that is currently utilizing object detection algorithms, and opens the door for far more industries to begin adopting their use.

OneView was founded on the basis of democratization of geospatial imagery, in order to enable any company, in any industry, to adopt object detection models for newer and more sophisticated uses. We’re incredibly excited to be mentioned by Forrester in this way, as we continue to bring geospatial object detection functionality to a broader enterprise use through the advances of AI 2.0.

And we’re just getting started.

The report is accessible to Forrester subscribers or for purchase here.