Unity3D Developer

  • Full Time
  • R&D
OneView R&D department is looking for a highly motivated, responsible, curious individual who is willing to solve complex problems for the Unity3D developer position.

The Role:

As a Unity3D developer, you will be joining our brilliant simulation team and be a primary contributor to our virtual-world creation and improve its look and feel.

We are looking for a talented Unity3D developer who will work closely with our computer vision engineers, and our 3D modelers, to design the best virtual-world for our deep learning algorithms. Among others, you will be responsible for procedural scenes generation, integrating real-world attributes, integrating real camera specifications to the rendering pipeline, etc.

In addition, you will lead the efforts in our technological research of new capabilities, solutions, and paving the way to our scalable solution.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • - At least 3 years of experience working with 3D engines (preferably Unity3D)
  • - Proficiency in C++ or C#
  • - Ability to take ownership of simulation projects from end-to-end
  • - Proficient knowledge of code versioning tools (preferably Git)
  • - A degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent – Advantage
  • - Experience with remote sensing imagery (satellites / airborne / drones) – Advantage
  • - Experience with Python - Advantage
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