About us

OneView is a platform for the creation of virtual synthetic datasets for analysis of earth observation imagery by machine learning algorithm.

We replace slow and manual data preparation with automated and swift creation of ready-for-training data.

The reasoning behind what we do and the value we bring

The wide availability of satellite and airborne imagery is compromised by the manual process of data preparation for ML training. (Other factors play a part here as well, like price, time, human-error, coverage and so.)

We open wider the window of opportunity created by earth observation imagery to enrich our knowledge, across numerous verticals, of the world, of us, and everything in between.

The Founding Team

Our interest and excitement about remote sensing and its true potential to transform how we understand the world we live in ignited while we served in elite intelligence units, each with its own numerical sequence. And here we are now, some years later, as OneView, determined to challenge the remote sensing data analysis paradigm. Stay tuned

  • Omri Greenberg Co-Founder & CEO
  • Oren Katzir Co-Founder & CTO
  • Dor Herman Co-Founder & CPO

Our Investors

The Next Frontier: Earth

When we look down on earth we see beautiful lands and seas. We also see troves of unused data.

We see ourselves as part of the great voyage to explore the earth and discover the truth that lies in unused data.


Our part in this great voyage is to provide freedom, independence and self-sufficiency to those who teach machines how to better understand data.

At this point in time, machines are still on our side so it is our responsibility, and objective, to guide them in becoming better learners.

So to all machines and their trainers, we say this – let’s take a long, curious look at the earth, right here beneath us, and together understand it better than any man has before.