Synthetic Data to Supercharge your Analytics

Boost the performance of your geospatial analytics by creating the imagery you need

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Relying solely on Real Data is Holding You Back

Working exclusively with real data creates significant challenges for machine learning model training.

  • Insufficient data

    Prevents training on rare cases.
  • Manual annotations

    Requires massive amounts of time.
  • Human error

    Reduces the effectiveness of machine learning model training.

Unleash Your Model's Full Potential

Synthetic data enables limitless machine learning model training, addressing the drawbacks and challenges of real data.

20% More Accuracy

A joint case study with Airbus showed that synthetic data increases machine learning model accuracy by up to 20% as compared to the utilization of real-world geospatial imagery alone.

OneView’s Synthetic
Data Platform

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  • Mimics Remote Sensing Imagery

    Any object
    in any environment

    Customizable satellite, drone and aerial imagery.

  • Automated Generation

    Generate large-scale environments for any use-case

    Create scenarios, change object ratios, and adjust imaging parameters quickly and iteratively

  • Limitless

    No longer held back
    by lack of data

    Any rare objects or occurrences can be created

  • Built-In

    Annotation as a native integral part of generation

    The resulting datasets are fully-annotated, error-free, and ready-for-training

OneView's platform enables the creation and collection of better training data, tailored to your needs, quickly and efficiently.

The Platform

“OneView’s unique technology is a game-changer. It is valuable for numerous use cases, brings unique capabilities, and provides support in product development and AI know-how.”

Kobi Katz, VP & CIO at RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

Discover how OneView Supercharges Your Imagery Analytics

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Automated generation.
Superior Interpretation.

The OneView simulation engine creates 3D worlds as the base for synthetic satellite and aerial images, layered with multiple randomization factors, filters, and variation parameters.

The synthetic images replace real data for of remote sensing systems in machine learning model training. They achieve superior interpretation results, especially in cases with limited coverage or poor quality data.

Discover how to accomplish absolute interpretation in real-time

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