Pixel Perfect Datasets

Accelerating machine learning training by delivering game-changing virtual synthetic data

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Limitless Datasets.
Limitless Discovery.

Our datasets enable newfound freedom and high velocity for earth exploration and analytics by remote sensing systems.


  • Fully-Controllered

    A steady hand on the tiller.

    Since our datasets are virtually created, we control every aspect.

  • Fully-Customized

    Your wish is our command.

    Any object, in any environment, for any remote sensing system.

  • Edge Cases Coverage

    Unbounded by reality.

    Datasets for any longtail-to-rare cases, regardless of real coverage.

  • Advanced Annotation

    One pixel at a time.

    A whole new level of annotation in data preparation.

OneView pushes the boundaries of speed and scale in earth observation analytics.
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“OneView’s unique technology is a game-changer. It is valuable for numerous use cases, brings unique capabilities, and provides support in product development and AI know-how.”

Kobi Katz, VP & CIO at RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

Discover the full potential of virtual synthetic data

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We create. You train.

Our technology utilizes gaming engines to create wholly virtual worlds in 3D that depict the view of the earth from above.

We then layer the images with multiple randomization factors, filters and variation parameters to deliver real-like satellite and airborne imagery to replace real data from remote sensing systems.

Discover the full potential of virtual synthetic data

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